Music at Tibberton is a creative and social art to be enjoyed. We believe that a firm grounding in music at a young age will not only help children develop a wide range of skills including listening, reading and maths, but also make an important contribution towards growing confident children with a real passion for learning.

Music at Tibberton

In addition to embedding music throughout our curriculum, children learn how to handle and play instruments (both tuned and un-tuned), sing, listen, move, dance and develop both drama skills and performance techniques. Throughout the school year the children may take part in a variety of music workshops lead by external providers. These can range from singing workshops, to samba drumming to song writing session.

Children may elect to have private instrumental lesson during school time. Most of these lessons are organised and lead by specialist music teachers from Burton Borough School or through Telford and Wrekin Music Service. We host numerous instrumental demonstrations throughout the year to enable children to see the range of lessons available and to give some of them a try!

Music at Tibberton

Children are also encouraged to show off their talents and often play us in and out of our whole school assemblies and/or worship times.

At Tibberton we love singing!

Not only do we have a weekly whole school hymn practise at Tibberton, but we also have a very popular choir.

Tibberton Choir

Currently our choir is made up of approximately 40 children (almost one third of the school) from Keystage 2. We believe our school choir is an amazing place where young choristers enjoy learning and playing alongside a very enthusiastic staff. By singing in the choir, we as a team learn to coordinate and collaborate, to analyse problems and solve them together in order to achieve a goal.

Singing at Tibberton really does create a sense of togetherness and banishes grumpiness, obstinacy and boredom!

We all know the health and educational benefits of singing, but at Tibberton it is more about developing a child's sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Making children feel part of something bigger than themselves, something they can join and can contribute to by singing. Especially when at the end of the process, when we get to give a good performance in one of our church services school fairs, carol singing at the local residential care home, taking part in a concert or even participating in a larger massed choir at different celebrations (such as the Sign 2 Sing annual record breaking attempt or taking part in the Young Voices Concerts). Through these experiences, the school really does achieve a really sense of pride, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Tibberton in Concert

Our choir has sung in some great venues over the last few years, but the most memorable of these was in March 2013. Tibberton school choir where extremely fortunate to be able to take part in the Armonico Choir Academy’s “Around in World in 18 Tunes” Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It is experiences like these that children will remember for the rest of their lives. Tibberton even had a very special performance by Russell Watson while we had our lunch!

Tibberton at the Royal Albert Hall

Remember a song is something we can share, it doesn't wear out or get broken, it can be taken anywhere and it doesn't cost a penny!